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Our Pigs

Here at The Barn, we are passionate about sustainability. One way we reduce our environmental impact, is our own herd of Red Suffolk pigs, which are RSPCA Assured (the world’s highest accreditation for pig welfare, whilst also supporting the RSPCA Assurance charity). Our pigs deliver 100% of our pork, including all of our own dry-cured bacon, sausage, hams, air dried ham, lomo, coppa, guanciale etc. This means that we keep our food miles to zero for pork, a major win for the environment on food production, whilst also ensuring all of our pork is of the highest quality possible.

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Our Cattle

Our small herd of Pedigree Hereford cattle are 100% grass-fed and make up the majority of our beef used across our butchery, restaurant, streetfood and events. Again, having such a large portion with zero miles, as well as no miles for any feedstuffs, removing further transport emissions from our supply chain.

Solar panels at Berryfields.jpg

Our Farm

Our kitchen is fully induction, so our 96 kWh solar panel complex offers an entirely green method of delivering energy to our kitchens on sunny days. We are also looking into new means to deliver net zero energy supply, particularly during winter months! Our ambition is to be at ‘Net Zero’ before 2025 and we would like to be carbon negative before 2030. Our business is fourth generation within the same farming family, we are looking to build a legacy that our future generations will be proud of, which must also include a green energy future.

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